Priceless role of Finishers in Playoff’s

 After exciting and grueling encounters we finally have 4 teams to compete in the Qualifiers and Eliminator, Only 2 will Qualify to play the Big Final.

As your aware the teams are as Follows:

  1. Mumbai Indians ( Qualifier1)
  2. Delhi Capitals (Qualifier 1)
  3. Sunrisers Hyderabad (eliminator)
  4. Royal challengers Bangalore ( eliminator) 

No as your aware finishing in the Top 2 means that even though you loose in the Qualifier1, you are still battling it out in Qualifier2 with a second chance to get to the BIG FINALE.
Role of Finisher in T20 is priceless, especially in a Pressure game it can be even more critical & it can easily impact the difference between the 2 teams. With the game being of Fine margins, the way you close out an innings while setting a total & ofcourse while hunting down a total plays a major role.
Below Graphic Shows the Spilt of how much of a role a Top order (TOP 4)  vs. the Finisher have consumed on an average in the league stages.

Below Graphic Shows for the 4 teams which are in the Play-offs now , the average number of Balls that 
they have occupied the crease & the Pace or the Run Rate at which they are scoring in the final overs.

It clearly shows that Mumbai Indians has the best Finishers among these 4 teams.
Also Shows that average number of Balls which the Top order ( the TOP 4) in the batting order bat also the pace at which on an average they have scored runs so far in the IPL.

Lets buckle out seatbelts and find out which of these 4 teams does the maximum damage in these crucial games.