Return of Suresh Raina

CSK- The Yellow Love

Chennai Super Kings is one of the franchises which have die hard loyalty fans. There is often a lot of passion which oozes from them. There is a lot of pride which is involved in their performances. All of the players, overseas as well as Local do get a lot of love from their fans.

CSK-2020 campaign without Raina

In 2020 however they had a shocking season by any standard. Lot of their run chases were failed. Lot of their Top order batting didn’t quite come to the fore.

During this season, there was one major thing that impacted their batting which was the absence of Suresh Raina. He missed the tournament due to personal reasons. He has been termed with various names “Mr. IPL” , “Chinna Thalla” etc. He has been prolific for CSK over the years.

The below Graphic shows his remarkable consistency throughout IPL history.

It tells us that he scores at a consistent pace at 8.5 RPO at the top of the batting order. On an Average scores approximately 4 boundaries per innings.

Not to mention his contributions in the field have been invaluable as well.

If we compare this benchmark of Raina’s Scoring rate and Avg. boundary scoring to the rest of the CSK batting during the 2020 season. The below graphic explains the fact that with an exception of couple of players, the rest struggled to emulate the stability he brought to the squad.

  1. Faf Du Plessis High scoring rate
  2. Jadeja’s big bang finish

The above were the only 2 exceptions in 2020 which performed better or at the pace at which Raina scores. Not to mention the ability to find the boundaries.

In IPL2021, with the return of Suresh Raina, it has renewed hope for CSK team management & fans alike. Can the rest of the guys support Raina this year? Can Raina continue his amazing Run in 2021?