Ishant & Ashwin’s Rise on Foreign Soil

Introduction “Tigers at home & Lambs abroad” is often a saying used whenever Indian teams in the past were touring abroad. There was just no competing in the opposition’s backyard in the past. When the century turned, so did India’s record & performances abroad. India started to record the Odd victory & started to seek… Continue reading Ishant & Ashwin’s Rise on Foreign Soil

Reverse Swing- Pace Bowling in India

Introduction Pace bowling in Subcontinent is highly dependent on the ability to reverse the ball. Although lot of factors are dependent on Ball to reverse. Mainly consisting of the below Bowlers with Speed with 85Mph+ Rough Pitch Surface Rough Out field Maintenance of Shiny side In the Subcontinent with the absence of exaggerated lateral movement,… Continue reading Reverse Swing- Pace Bowling in India

Tail-end Wicket’s Frustrating wait

Tail-end batsmen often known as 9,10 & Jack & can often provide a stubborn resistance. Generally the Stubborn type of Tail enders can require extremely hard yards to be dislodged which require absolutely solid shoes something as mentioned below. The Indian bowling attack outside of India has found extremely difficult to dislodging tail enders… Continue reading Tail-end Wicket’s Frustrating wait