Chahal & Kuldeep’s Strike Power

Introduction Overall Bowling in 50-over format has evolved over the years along with the format itself. With the impact of T20 cricket hanging at the throat of cricket’s oldest white ball format. Since the concept has been so batting dominated in the white ball cricket, bowlers have had to adapt to make their presence felt.… Continue reading Chahal & Kuldeep’s Strike Power

Hardik Pandya’s Strike rate Dip in India

While batting in the middle order in T20’s, usually the ask is to get going without much time on hand. Hence a huge strike rate with minimal balls remaining is the ideal output any team needs. Hence Finisher in T20’s is much more thankless job then anyother you could ever imagine. Hardik Pandya is one… Continue reading Hardik Pandya’s Strike rate Dip in India

Butler’s Explosives as Opener

Introduction Jos Butler is now England’s experienced power hitter in White Ball cricket. While England’s white ball resurgence started post the 2015 World cup Debacle. Jos butler was always the key man as far as English white ball game was concerned. His role was largely in middle order for a large part of his career.… Continue reading Butler’s Explosives as Opener

Tackling Spin for Joe Root & rest of his Batting unit

Introduction Batting in Spin conditions can be challenging for any visiting batsmen. Some of the successful players who have helped master this art are often remembered for their amazing feats. It is quite obvious when the English come to India, the focus to tackle Indian Spinners becomes the key topic for preparation as a batting… Continue reading Tackling Spin for Joe Root & rest of his Batting unit

Reverse Swing- Pace Bowling in India

Introduction Pace bowling in Subcontinent is highly dependent on the ability to reverse the ball. Although lot of factors are dependent on Ball to reverse. Mainly consisting of the below Bowlers with Speed with 85Mph+ Rough Pitch Surface Rough Out field Maintenance of Shiny side In the Subcontinent with the absence of exaggerated lateral movement,… Continue reading Reverse Swing- Pace Bowling in India

Pujara’s liking to English bowling

Most often referred to as ” the Rock” of the Indian Test batting. Cheteshwar Pujara has been a pillar for India’s success especially abroad. But when it comes to home games, his contributions don’t often catch the spotlight. With an amazing career average of 47, he has also been heavy run scorer at home. His… Continue reading Pujara’s liking to English bowling

Why is an Early Strike of Spin in India needed?

Introduction The English Cricketers have made their trip north from Srilanka to Chennai to India. They will facing an absolutely high on confident host Indian team. The Hosts have returned few weeks back after beating Australia in Australia. A feat which imagining in last decade (2000s) would require tremendous amount courage let alone executing it.… Continue reading Why is an Early Strike of Spin in India needed?