David Miller’s Chasing Blues


The South African cricketing team is undergoing or transition. After most of their stall boards have retired and over the last four to five years. This is happening across all three formats of the game and in some of their recent results this has been very evident. Among the entire squad David Miller is considered an experienced campaigner now.

Finisher Miller with Strike 138 in T20i's
David Miller Career SR 138 in T20i’s

Ever since the time he arrived on the scene he had made an impression of a dangerous finisher which can hurt the opposition plans towards the concluding part of the game. however there has been some consistency & form related issues which every player has to go through during their careers. He has been one of a key candidate when it comes to franchise T20 leagues around the world.

Importance of Unbeaten Miller

We have often seen that a batsman playing at #5 or #6 place a paper towel roll of how the innings finishes. Whether it comes to setting a total or finishing a game while chasing, this position determines a very big impact on the final result of the game. Having said this it is it can be also considered that this is a thankless role because you don’t really get time to settle. Your roll starts with not much of time or resource available for you to get acclimatized to the conditions. Given this context it is very unfair to expect a finisher to remain unbeaten during the course of his Innings.

Bevan legendary finisher from 90s from Australia remained unbeaten on many occasions.
Legendary Finisher from 90’s Micheal Bevan

However within international cricket there has been few unbeaten Batsman who were finishers and have change the fortune off the game over a long period during they are playing career. Michael Bevan is one such name from the 1990s which comes to everyone’s mind. With David Miller the percentage of games won by South Africa, when he remains unbeaten is remarkably very very high.

The below visual will give you a breakdown of the scoring rate of Miller and the percentage games won by South Africa whenever he is dismissed or remains unbeaten.

Not out Miller leads to higher damage towards end of Innings & Win percentage to 73%
Miller SR of 166 & SA win Percentage shoots 73% when he remains “not out”

As described by the above visual when the win percentage goes as high as 73%, it only goes to show that the dependency off the finisher, for South Africa with Miller is so very crucial.

Miller’s Persistent Chasing Blues

The below visual is an eye opener for everyone. It indicates the scoring rate for David Miller when South Africa is batting first or second in T20 internationals.

Miller Batting Strike rate while Chasing is only 125 per avg. 13 balls faced per Inn.
Miller Batting Strike rate while Chasing is only 125 per avg. 13 balls faced per Inn.

Among all the various complications, which are related to this finisher role, these differences in the scoring patterns makes a significant impact on the outcome of the game. The Batting strike rate of 125 and 145 is quite big when you have extremely limited time as a finisher to execute your plans.

Another element which highlights the above statistic is that Miller faces on an average 16 balls put innings while batting first. His scoring rate of 145 during this course of 16 balls helps the team to put up a good total on most occasions. While chasing Miller faces on an average 13 balls per innings. As described above these 13 balls only result in scoring rate of 125.

Just to help put things into perspective, if we put both of these innings together it makes a vital difference of 8 to 10 runs towards the end of an innings. we all know that this can very well be the difference between winning and losing in a T20 game.

Concluding thoughts

Given the context of the T20 game with the ICC World cup coming up in October this year, and the fact that there would be a very limited set of games remaining as a build up on an international stage for South Africa. It then becomes extremely crucial for Miller to grab every opportunity which comes his way during these leftover games to try an improve on his finishing scoring rate and if possible, to remain unbeaten. This as I mentioned earlier in the post slash article that it is a huge ask when it comes to remaining unbeaten. But considering the win percentage jumped to 73% it is worth every south African fans ask.