Fakhar Zaman’s Solo for Lahore Qalandars


In the six years of PSL history there has been no team who has the worst when percentage as Lahore calendars. The first Four Seasons for them well disastrous campaigns where they could not find any momentum with us settled Playing 11.

Qalandars with lowest win percentage in PSL history
39% Win record is the lowest in PSL history
Hafeez timing chases to perfection
Professor’s meticulous run chases.
Wiese's power hitting
David Wiese’s long handle in a all round role

In the current edition of this tournament they have been able to get some really amazing finishers lower middle order batsman to help finish the innings clinically for them.

Qalandar’s Slow starts in PSL6

In the current edition of the PSL, LQ have got themselves off to a much better start than before. Arguably their best start of the series so far in 6 years. There is an aspect T20 cricket which needs to be looked at more seriously by an upcoming team who is trying to prove their previous record as incorrect, which is the scoring rate in the batting power play. The batsman in the top three player a huge role in getting the momentum going right from the word go. This definitely sets a platform phone these finishers will be able to exploit as the game progresses.

In the four games played by Lahore, 3 of them have been won chasing & lost one while batting first. below is the breakdown of the scoring rate in the power play which is compared to their final scoring rate than their innings closes.

Slow starts can be costly in remainder of PSL6
except 1 game where Lahore got off to a brisk start, the rest have been sedate

This clearly highlights their slow starts which they have been getting in the current tournament so far. In majority of the instances their finishes have done the job for them however they cannot pick the entire pressure on them for the rest of the tournament in this manner.

Zaman’s Solo

Fakhar Zaman has now a settled figure in the Qalandar’s lineup. The below visual will show how much they have been dependent on him to create momentum in the power play in PSL6 so far.

Zaman's solo at the top order
Fakhar Zaman’s explosive as opener
Can sohail akhtar make a meaningful contribution with the bat
Qalandars start have very high dependency on Fakhar Zaman’s scoring rate
Sohail needs push the pedal of the accelerator
Skipper Sohail needs to step in & help pickup the momentum

Playing solo can be quite enthralling but being a team game his opening partner Sohail Akhtar needs to contribute and push the accelerator in some cases.

Closing Thoughts

Lahore Qalandars have some good talent when it comes to their bowling as explained in the below link from the previous article.

Earlier in the year Lahore was in the Top 2 & their bowling resources are quite balanced.

Hence for them to not only improve their overall record but to also go all the way, they would want their top order to contribute more & support Fakhar Zaman.