Impactful Finishers in IPL2021


As the IPL 2021 is fast approaching, teams have got together to get brainstorm their strategies. Since the Tournament would be a long one, its always helps to keep the pool of players with specific roles together. For example: Top order batting options or middle over bowler options etc.

Going by the above strategy, teams should or would have also have to keep a pool of Finishers in their squad. As the name suggests, its a vital role which helps direct the team towards the close of innings. The role is quite thankless, because on an average, a finisher gets between 8 to 12 balls to make an impact.

Top Finisher’s from IPL2020

Few of the top performing last year had some really impactful finishers in their squad. Some of them are illustrated below.

Lethal Pollard & Pandya Combination

Pandya & Pollard had an impressive tournament. Both Striking close to 11 RPO in final overs from MI. Scoring 3 boundaries per game as an average.

Stoinis & Hetmeyer for Delhi

Marcus Stoinis carried his form from BBL 2019 into last year’s IPL. He played some very useful cameos along with Hetmeyer for Delhi capitals. Apart from a power packed Top order, the role played by them was crucial scoring at 9 RPO.

Jadeja & Curran explosion for CSK

Amidst a forgetful season for CSK, were some bright spots. These mainly started to appear towards the second half of the tournament. Both Jadeja & Sam Curran were scoring at an equal pace to what Pollard-Pandya duo was doing for MI. They would be hoping to maintain the scoring at 9 RPO this year as well.

Abdul Samad’s fireworks for SRH

Abdul Samad got 8 opportunities in his debut season where he scored at an impressive 10 RPO & striking at 171 for SRH. With the shuffling roles of Kane Williamson to give strength to the middle order, Samad did make quite an impression in IPL2020

Team-wise Finisher’s role in IPL2020

Based on the above stellar performances in finishing an innings. Lets also look at all the teams on how they finished their innings.

4 teams closed their innings with Momentum while the rest fizzed out

Some of the Finisher’s described above shows how those teams flourished with a strong finish. However some of the teams like RCB, RR & Punjab couldn’t convert strong starts into meaningful scores.

As the IPL2021 bandwagon rolls on, lets closely watch if we see a different tale in the way finishers play a role compared to before.

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