Indian ODI Batting-Middle overs Boundary Frequency & Top Order Big innings on Aussie Soil Last 2 years

While the Australia vs. India ODI series is underway, the Indian batting has come under tremendous pressure with massive run chases. Also with expectations to post big totals with a slightly under-performing bowling attack.

India’s Top order (Top 3)

At on overall-sense India’s Top 3 is the best in the World. Since the best part of this decade with Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan & Virat Kohli. They have absolutely amazing limited over records all across the world. There has been a major controversy with the whole Rohit Sharma injury exclusion from this tour. This of course puts a lot of pressure on the rest of the batting unit.

With the onset of the new batting powerplay from around 35 overs mark.The average number of overs that the top 3 are playing is approximately 25th to 28th over on an average globally in the ODI cricket in the last 2 years. Hence the middle order or the Finishers role is to cashing on the platform which has been setup by the Top 3. This enables fearless batting and scores upwards of 10 RPO in last 15 overs are a norm.

A big Inning (i.e Score of 50 or more) is needed for platform for late slog. In the last 2 years, the top 3 batsmen around the World have been converting their starts into Big Innings at a frequency of every 2 or 3 innings. ( on an average).

The Indian top 3 also possess this ability and record of doing the same. But the biggest catch is that on Australian Soil in the last couple of years, their conversion ratio has gone pear shaped as mentioned below. Their conversion is at the level Srilanka Team in the last 2 years which has the least frequency.

Frequency of 3.8 is Poor for Australian conditions compared to the overall record.

Boundary Frequency of Middle order / Finishers

The Role of the Finishers and the Middle order has got more pronounced now a days. The Middle overs is more exciting than what it used to be say 15 years ago. So its imperative for them to keep the momentum going and not dip the scoring rate. One of the key ways of counter attacking and reversing pressure back on the opposition is by picking boundaries every once in a while.

Boundary frequency- No of balls per Boundary aspect is often quite underrated in ODI’s. The Explosive English team & current World champions have the best frequency at the moment. But the rest of the teams are not too far behind.

The most Striking Feature of the below Visual is that the Indian Boundary frequency is the worst in Australian Soil in the last 2 years. This is a major Worrying sign which the team needs to look into the future series. Scoring boundary after more than 2 overs while the opposition and other teams score more frequently.

Boundary after more than 2 overs while other teams scoring more frequently

Although sorting the Bowling and Team balance would be some of the key things which Indian management would be top priority. However the above 2 aspects needs to be addressed ASAP. They are equally important for the Engine room to continue to run so that India’s prepares well in advance for the next ICC event in this format.