Rahane’s “Caught Behind” Syndrome

Introduction & memorable innings on Foreign Soil

Ajinkya Rahane who is India’s vice-captain has played some memorable innings for the country. Some of his celebrated knocks have come overseas. This makes them much more valuable as well as ones to remember in public memory.

Rahane the soldier on foreign soil
Rahane’s Resilience on Foreign Soil has been awesome

Test Specialist

In the current scenario, he does not seem to find a spot in white ball cricket for India. He has become more of a test specialist. There are various ways to look at this aspect. You can consider that you have very limited opportunities between a long span. Or you can specialize your game more specifically to suit this requirement bye preparing in first class games. One of the classic examples for this in the contemporary version of the game is Pujara. Around the globe teams are now looking to move towards a similar sort of set up when they pick up specialists to avoid injuries and counter Covid19 quarantine rules.

Performances in UK

The UK has not been a happy hunting during venue for him based on the last two times that he was part of the team. If we look at the below visual carefully it is self-explanatory to justify this fact despite having a memorable performance in 2014 at Lord’s.

Lowest average in his career in UK
Averaging 29 in UK

Most certainly the average of 29 in England doesn’t justify the class of his performances. Will he be able to correct this in 2021?

Caught Behind Syndrome

Among the 20 innings Rahane has played in England 16 times he has been out caught. The below graphic will help explain the predominance of this mode of dismissal in UK for him.

Rahane's caught dismissals
16 out of 20 innings out caught in England

If we closely dissect the court dismissals for Rahane you will find a very strange pattern in the way he has been out caught as the below visual suggests.

Slips catching & wicket keeper is the highest form his dismissals in UK
Majority of the Caught dismissals are behind the wicket

44% of this have been in the slips and 19% to the wicketkeeper. This is a very huge proportion of dismissals.

Rahane’s sample dismissal at lords 2018

Concluding thoughts

In some of the recent away tours as well. Rahane has had this mode of dismissals “Caught” especially behind the wicket quite frequently hence he has to look at this aspect very closely in the upcoming tour.  Being a predominantly red ball cricketer now, gives opportunity to have a gap between Tours. Being a professional cricketer Ajinkya, it is safe to assume that he would have worked on this aspect of his game. Let us wait & watch on the same.