Rajasthan Royal’s bowling woes


Rajasthan Royals is one team which has one of the weakest bowling attacks in the recent few seasons. The overall depth of their squad is very low. They have certain Aces in the squad who are match winners. However during the course of 14 matches of the season, it will be inhuman to expect limited set of individuals to fire throughout the season. Successful teams have had different individuals putting the hands up to deliver at different occasions of the season.

Bowler’s Profiling on their SR

Lets Define on how we can categorize the bowlers wicket taking ability on basis of the Strike rates

  • Highly wicket taking- Bowling SR below 20 balls per wicket signifies that these set of bowlers will give more than 1 wicket every other game. This will help break momentum of partnerships at various stages.
  • Occasionally Wicket Taking- Bowlers with SR between 21 to 24. These set of bowlers will strike occasionally in their bowling spell. They may not be best source of strike force which the fielding captain can rely on.
  • Not Wicket Taking- Bowlers with SR higher than 24 balls are those who will not guarantee you wickets every game. They will pick once 2 or 3 games which is not what you would desire for.

If we specifically focus on the bowling attack of Rajasthan Royals, once again they lack depth. One of the key aspects to measure the health of any bowling attack in T20’s is to see the strike rates i.e Balls taken for picking a wicket.

Once again we would find that this lack of depth comes to haunt the RR squad as their dependency on guys like Jofra Archer etc.

RR’s last few Season’s Bowling Profiling

Based on the above criteria’s, the below visual will show the Rajasthan Royals bowling is categorized over the last 3 seasons. Especially when they reorganized their team after their 2 year ban from IPL

It clearly shows progressively the number of wicket taking options are reducing for the Royals. Hence they would need to address the same with utmost criticality in IPL 2021.

2021 Bright Spots

In 2021 their management has decided to invest or focus on strengthening this aspect. They have invested in Chris Morris to balance their squad along with the influx of Mustafizur Rahman. The expectations are to have more strike force than what was displayed in the last few seasons.

At the end of 3 games played so far this year in IPL 2021 for RR, they have actually found better results with some bright spots mentioned below.

  • Impressive Debut by Sakariya till date
Chetan Sakariya368.3312

With these impressive numbers so far, he has impressed everyone in the management. He has been strike force at the moment for Sanju Samson. Sustaining this performance would the key for him.


  • Morris picking key wickets with the ball ( not to mention that he won the match with bat against DC)
Chris Morris359.1813

Being one of the prized purchases can be extremely pressurizing. However so far Morris has stood up with the ball quite well with these numbers.

  • Unadkat’s brilliant start vs. DC.
Jaydev Unadkat236.8716

Unadkat has been an veteran now in the circuit. He has seen the ups & downs of IPL. He had a glorious 2017 season with RPS, but since 2018 his numbers will tell you that his wicket taking knack has been lost. With an amazing start, against DC he would want to keep going higher in his performances.

Closing thoughts

Yes all of the above bright spots & its early days in the league so far. However the real test & question would be around the sustainability for the Royals for the rest of the season. Also if you consider the fact that their number 1 bowler from last year Jofra Archer was injured at the beginning of this season