RCB’s Over-dependency with Virat & ABD


RCB have been perennial under achievers in the Indian Premiere League. The franchise and local support in Bengaluru has always been quite strong with the team. Virat Kohli & AB De Villiers have been key performers In the pulse and heart of RCB over the years. The strong Franchise fan base is highly driven by Virat & ABD.

However as we all know in cricket, we need other performers to also pull their weight. The rest of the batting have been performing but not with the same level of consistency as needed to win the Title.

Comparison of Virat+ABD with the rest of RCB

In the below Graphic it will show that in the last 4 seasons of the IPL, how has the Virat & ABD factor has hogged the limelight for RCB.

Scoring Rates by year with Avg. Balls faced

The above graphic explains that since Virat & ABD are the core team members, they would invariably face higher number of balls per Innings. It also shows their year-wise scoring rates. This underscores there consistent performances.

Scoring Rates of Support Cast for RCB

The above graphic shows the scoring rates of the rest of batting line-up for RCB by year, it proves the inconsistency of the performances by Year.

Inconsistent support cast for RCB

The above graphic shows that apart from the below 2 standout performances in season of 2017 & 2019 consistently, there hasn’t been solid support for Virat & ABD.

  1. Kedhar Jadhav’s awesome 2017 season as finisher
  2. Moeen Ali’s support in 2019
  3. Some Gayle storms at Chinnaswamy stadium Bengaluru.

In IPL2021, can we see much improved scoring rates from Padikall & the rest of RCB batting to help support and boost their chances? Can RCB finally in 2021 remove the tag of “Perennial Underachievers”?

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