Sri Lankan Batting Factories’ Dry Run

Performances away from home is a key measurable of how the team is ranked in World Cricket. In test match cricket, especially in a batting perspective, adapting to alien conditions is a challenge. Hence performances away from home reflect a true pedigree of batsmen. For Bowlers as well this adaptability becomes a key element to perform.

For Subcontinental test teams (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh), performances in SENA conditions is of prime importance. (South Africa , England, New Zealand & Australia). Batsmen with expertise in playing on Spin oriented pitches at junior level, need to adjust to the moving & additional bouncing ball becomes a massive challenge.

Srilanka have had traditionally brilliant players of Fast as well as Spin bowling alike in their Test History. However over past 5 years their Run scoring factory seems to have stopped producing output especially away from home.

They definitely need to be have sustained muscle nutrition training for playing a long innings & scoring 50 plus scores as mentioned in this link below:

Frequency- Score of 50 plus innings

Among the total innings that is played, how many of these are converted to a 50 plus score? This gives us a measure of the consistency of a batsmen. the value of the same increases more considering they are playing on foreign soil. Given below is a breakdown of this 50 plus innings frequency. This will set a benchmark for looking at the current Sri Lankan batsmen on tour of South Africa.

Historically SL Batsmen have been less consistent in SENA countries

The Above graphic shows that Historically in test cricket, batsmen convert every 3rd inning as a 50 Plus score. The same is the range for Srilanka batsmen historically. Subcontinental batsmen are also displaying same level of consistency in SENA conditions. However the Striking feature is that SL batsmen are less frequent in getting those big scores in SENA conditions comparatively at 4.3.

Current Sri Lankan Batting

We should now focus our attention on the current Squad of Srilanka batsmen & compare their career frequency to the above mentioned benchmark. Below Graphic compares this feature against All time SL batting consistency & the SL SENA consistency to see how these players stackup.

Chandimal & Karunaratne most consistent among the squad

Current Batting squad are less frequent in getting 50 plus score vs. all subcontinental players in SENA countries. (All Subcontinent batsmen at 2.9 innings per 50+ score)

Except the experienced Dinesh Chandimal & skipper Karunaratne, all other players frequency is even less to historical SL batsmen in SENA countries (SL batsmen in SENA conditions scoring 50+ score every 4.3 innings)

Concluding Thoughts

The current Batting team needs to fire & bat longer instead of getting into a limited over mode. They need to ensure that they get more frequent in converting most of their innings into a 50 plus score. The bowling attack looks promising especially the fast bowling lot. This makes it even more critical for them to put runs on the board for Sri lanka to progress. We all want to see Sri Lankan team rise up in World Cricket once again.