Tackling Spin for Joe Root & rest of his Batting unit


Batting in Spin conditions can be challenging for any visiting batsmen. Some of the successful players who have helped master this art are often remembered for their amazing feats. It is quite obvious when the English come to India, the focus to tackle Indian Spinners becomes the key topic for preparation as a batting unit. Usually tourists have come in the past with a variety of strategies to tackle spin.

  • Sweep & reverse sweep being one of the common tactics.
  • Using the Crease is another art which they have tried using with adept footwork.
  • Get Rid of Close in Catchers by attacking the Spinner early on.

Greatness of Sir Alistair Cook

The Highest Run getter for any visiting batsmen to India in Test cricket in the last Decade has been Sir Alistair Cook. He was a thorn in the flesh of Indian bowling attacks & in his various trips to India starting from 2006, had mastered playing Spin with ease. Among all the Different Trips to India, his last one would be more sweeter for him with England beating India in 2012 where he was clearly outscored India. With that mountain of runs behind his name, he clearly is an example for the current English Batting to emulate.

Below Visual shows the amazing batting averages of Cook in the last decade ( since 2011 onwards). It is a comparison on how Indian batsmen have scored. Also with what has been Global batting averages during this time. Chef as he fondly called is someone who a lot of the young English batting would be perfect examples for Pope , Sibley, Crawley etc.

Current English Batting Unit

Among all of the Batting resources in the current Squad, the 3 most experienced batsmen who also have decent playing time in Red ball cricket are Joe Root , Johny Bairstow & Ben Stokes.

Below Visual shows where do these players stand vs. the Indian batting Avgs. at home & Global par.

It clearly depicts that Root has an amazing batting record in both the innings. However Stokes & Bairstow have pretty decent numbers based on the Par Global avgs ( specially in the 1st Innings) but in the 2nd Innings they haven’t mustered runs enough.

Generally 2nd innings averages are much lower. However for the 2nd Innings averages to be lower should be compensated by much above par 1st innings batting averages. Joe Root is an ideal example of the same.

Can the English experienced batters get past the Spin web of Ashwin & Axar in the rest of the series? Lets closely watch the action as it unfolds.

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