Will Gabba remain Fortress this time?

We are heading towards final leg of the ongoing Border Gavaskar Trophy in Brisbane. The venue “Gabba” is a Fortress for the Australian Cricket Team. They have an absolutely amazing unbeaten record in the past decade in 9 games played. At an overall level out of 62 games played, Australia have emerged victorious on 40 games. Apart from the above Win/loss Record, the below visuals will help emphasizing on why the home team are so Dominant at this venue?

While Batting they average 41 & over the last Decade this has only improved to 51. However in the Current Series it has been much lower. In Comparison for Indian team’s performance, the overall as well as recent batting form has been in the same range.

Gabba Fortress but Different this time??

Based on the above visual it may indicate that the upcoming Gabba Test may not a dominant Fortress type performance. This would be a tightly fought contest like the rest of the series so far.

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Indian Batting vs. Gabba Batting Avg.

If we compare the Current Indian Batting team’s record on Australian soil ( including the current Series) with the Overall Australian Batting average of 51. Pujara & Pant have the averages needed to compete at the Gabba. Gill is among the batsmen who is steadily rising to the Gabba level of batting.

Pujara & Pant Averages are at Gabba Standards in current series
Avg of 51 needed is far for most of the Indian batsmen in this series but Gill is fast approaching it

Current Series Australian Bowling Vs. Previous Gabba

From a Bowling perspective, the Gabba historical averages are testament to the fact that how the bowling attack has decimated oppositions with overall Avg of 24 Runs per Wicket. However the below bowling averages in the current series tells us that Hazlewood & Cummins have been exceptional. Lyon & Starc have been far below the Gabba Par bowling that they have performed in the past.

Lyon & Starc have been off- colour

Frequency of 50+ Partnerships per Innings

Another Key aspect of Gabba past dominance is Batting Partnerships. The Tall scores built by the Aussie batsmen is on account of building partnerships. The measure of frequency of 50 plus partnership in an innings tells us the dominance. Below partnership frequency tells us that Australia in the past used to have 2.3, 50 plus partnerships per innings while the oppositions have not been allowed to stitch together such partnerships.(1.5 partnerships per Inn). However as the visual suggests this Series has been totally the opposite where the 50 plus partnerships for the team has been much lower than Indian team.

Lesser Frequency of Big Partnerships by Australia in this series vs. previous record in Gabba

This Suggests that from a bowling & partnership building perspective, this time around it would be a much more closer & evenly spread contest at the Gabba. Instead of Gabba being a fortress, this would be a much closer contest but the biggest aspect that the Indian team is battling is to get a team of 11 players who are fit.